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Episode 36: We Watched Some Horror Films from 1979 So YOU Don't Have To!

Here are some LIVE notes from Brendan's watching experience. You can see, quite clearly, that his note-taking skills are now AWFUL.

The Brood: 82%

Budget: CAD$1.4—1.5 million

Box Office: $5 million

Open in a therapy dojo? Challenging a bearded man about his masculinity. Is it a play?

First body horror is some sores on this emasculated man’s naked torso.

How about these pants? Amazing bellbottoms.

Single dad shares custody with his wife.

The psychiatrist guy is exhibiting clear bad guy behavior.

Psychoplasmics is the name of the program.

Everybody wants to fuck the dad, including the grandma and the kids teacher.

First person shooter view of a little gremlin kid beating grandma to death with a mallet. The child Candace finds her grandma beaten to death.

This is set in Canada! How come no one is saying “ay”?!

Chris, do your fucking job!! (Keep the patients away from your phone)

Power turtleneck

“They’re just freaks.”

Phantasm: 74%

Director: Don Coscarelli

Budget: 300,000 USD

Box office: 22 million USD

Close up tits!!!

That’s a phantasm.

Watchin your older brother fuck in a cemetery, now that’s a phantasm.

Phantasm is GAY.

The corkscrew ball that shits out blood! Phantasm just kicked it up a notch!!

AMITYVILLE Horror: 30%

Box office: 86.4 million USD

Budget: 4.7 million USD

James Brolin’s hair and beard are perfect.

Family of six is murdered in their Long Island home. One year later, two suckers buy the death house from a scumbag old lady real estate agent.

As they tour the property, clips of the entire family getting blown away by a faceless gunman. BUT they already know.

I’m not sure if I can feel sorry for them.

A priest comes to bless the house and soon a bunch of flies cover him. It really sucks for him. Then a scary voice says “OUT” and it’s pretty spooky.

This is actually a movie about the dangers of not properly insulating your home.

Very long “sensual scene” between the man and woman but the kid interrupts. No fucking for these two.

The dad decides to go for a scary night walk.

Nun shows up and leaves because she feels sick. She does a terrible puke take out the car.

Most scares in this movie are window-based.

Oh they are blaming witches now!!

“Do me a favor: SHUT UP!”

Alien: 98% on RT.

Director: Ridley Scott

Budget: $11 million

Box office: $80,931,801 in the US and $184.7 internationally with reissues

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